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How to make your brand irresistible

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By Mark Overbye I want one. A flamethrower. Not sure why, I guess I’m intrigued by how they came to be.  There’s a guy over there I’d really like to start on fire. Too far away to use a match. If he sees me approaching he may not ignite while he’s running away. So it’s best to be further away. The element of surprise ...

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Montara Boats signs 27 Surf Boss pontoon dealers

Since announcing its Surf Boss surfing pontoon in mid October, Minnesota-based Montara Boats has welcomed 27 dealers to its retail network and has more than 23 additional dealerships pending. Montara’s patent pending Surf Boss has struck a positive cord with boaters and retailers. Over 60,000 viewers read Montara’s introductory press release which was also a top industry story in October. ...

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Minnesota-based Montara Boats introduces surf pontoon

Minnesota-based Montara Boats is excited to announce an industry first, a pontoon boat you can surf behind. After extensive research and development, Montara has developed a patent-pending design that blends the comfort of a pontoon boat with the performance of an inboard surf boat. “For the past 15 years I’ve watched neighbors and friends buy tow boats for water sports ...

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