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Mark’s Marine: Fishing seminars add value for boat sales

Mark’s Marine, Inc. has been hosting fishing seminars for a few years, and they have been incredibly popular with its customer base. These informal classes help fishing enthusiasts learn how to use their fishing boats – which Mark’s Marine sells – better and more often. Now, the seminars have grown so much that Mark’s Marine doesn’t promote them anymore, because ...

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The changing marina climate

Consolidation, innovation coming to marina segment A recent wave of consolidation in the marina segment has the potential to drastically reshape how and where boaters spend their time on the water. For an industry that has been dominated for decades by small, family-run operations, it’s a dramatically different look. Major, well-financed players have jumped into the segment in a big way ...

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Grab the 2017 opportunity

If nothing else, 2016 was interesting. It seemed to be a year of turmoil, from social upheaval to an election season that left the nation divided. 2017 promises more of the same. Change is the new normal and how we adapt to it is the difference between success and failure. Business is changing, society is changing, the political world is ...

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Skyrocket your boat show ROI

If you haven’t started working on your boat show strategy, you may want to consider it. I’m not talking selecting inventory and laying out your booth. I’m talking about setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them at the show. There are three main goals of any boat show for successful boat dealers: 1. Sell as many boats as ...

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2017 Outlook: Steady as she goes

They say slow and steady wins the race. If this is true, the boating industry is poised for major wins. The general tone about 2016 and going into 2017 is one of optimism and expectations for slow, steady growth to continue. According to data from Statistical Surveys, Inc. through September 2016, year-over-year sales hovered around 5 to 6 percent growth. At ...

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Full speed ahead

Continued strong sales growth fueled by innovative designs and unmatched versatility suggest a sunny future for the pontoon segment While the recreational boating industry in North America has seen more than its share of highs and lows over the years, one constant has been the continued growth of the pontoon boat category. From humble beginnings where they were derided as ...

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