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Prioritize quality over quantity for best ROI

Email marketing has been around nearly as long as the Internet has existed, but the nature of this digital strategy has changed quite a bit since its inception. While it provides a great platform for reaching customers, it is no longer a wise choice to overload customers with emails. With time, customers have gotten more selective when it comes to ...

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Grab the attention of your phone-obsessed customers

These days, you can pretty much count on the fact that your dealership’s current and potential customers are on their phones all day, every day. With smartphones, most people are basically carrying their lives around with them wherever they go, and that includes their email inbox. More than half of emails are now opened on mobile devices, which makes sense ...

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4 email marketing campaigns to drive sales

There are a lot of strategies out there for driving sales. You can run advertisements, optimize your website so you show up first in search results or use numerous other tactics to get more shoppers through your doors, but did you know that email marketing is one of the strongest ways to get your message out to engaged shoppers? According ...

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