Hervé Bonnet appointed CGI global director of boat financing activity

BALTIMORE, Md. – CGI, a European financial company, has advanced CGI North America President and Chief Executive Officer Hervé Bonnet to the position of global director of boat financing activity, the company reported in a recent statement. CGI is a subsidiary of Société Générale.

“This new role offers me the opportunity to expand my core mission of taking business practices further by developing our presence in new markets with strong potential while at the same time promoting synergies for our current markets to create further added value for our existing clients,” said Bonnet. “In recent months, we have seen a reconfiguration of the major players in the boating industry, and consider this a window of opportunity for CGI to increase our market share and further consolidate our leadership,” he added.

Bonnet will remain as president and CEO of CGI North America.

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