Women Making Waves: Ann Baldree

Ann Baldree

Senior Vice President, Chaparral and Robalo Boats

Education: Valdosta State University majoring in Speech

Years in the marine industry: 35

Ann Baldree

Ann Baldree

Was it difficult to navigate a career in this industry? Why or why not? I found that when I became passionate about my company, I began to seek ways to learn and grow. I raised my hand and asked to do more, learn more and therefore honed my skills and my true interests began to unfold. I had complete support from my mentors, Jim Lane and Buck Pegg. They never held me back. I never felt less valued because I was a female. I brought unique skills and talents to my team and they rewarded me. In fact, I believe their belief in me gave me the added confidence to push my own boundaries.

If you had to choose one memorable achievement in the marine industry, what would it be and why? Winning the Darlene Briggs Award. It was an incredible honor. It was also personal. Wayzata Marine has been a Chaparral dealer for decades and although I never had the pleasure of meeting Darlene Briggs, I have known and admired Dave Briggs and his dad. It was humbling to be recognized among a group of successful and accomplished women. Also, I have to mention that in 2005 when Marine Products became publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange; I was part of our small group that rang the opening bell on the 24th day of June 2005. It was a very unique and exciting experience.

How do you hope to inspire other women in the marine industry?  I hope to inspire both men and women by my actions and passion for the marine industry and the dedication to my company. I believe you should be a mentor in your own company first and then be available to outreach and volunteer within your chosen industry. I am a mentor for Ellen Bradley of the NMMA and it has been a wonderful experience. I often think I have learned more from Ellen than I have taught her. It is invigorating to surround yourself with people who offer a different perspective based on their age and experiences.  I pride myself in being a good listener. I am genuinely interested in people. A good mentor and leader wants everyone to achieve their highest potential.

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