Groupe Beneteau launches financial services

Groupe Beneteau and LaVictoire Finance have launched a collaboration under the label ‘Groupe Beneteau Financial Services’ (GBFS) to offer dedicated financing offers to private and corporate customers, with specific and creative finance products that will be made available exclusively to Beneteau group’s dealer network.

“We are thrilled to become a lending partner of Groupe Beneteau in North America. As the post-COVID craze settles, and business returns to normal, we expect tighter competition and more inventory.  As such, our team is prepared to support the entire distribution network with innovative solutions tailored to the needs of this evolving market,” commented Hervé Bonnet, CEO of LaVictoire Finance.

LaVictoire has appointed Maryline O’Shea as General Manager of Groupe Beneteau Financial Services to ensure the success of the initiative and act as the privileged contact between the lender, the dealer network, and the respective brand managers and sales directors of Groupe Beneteau in North America.

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