Yamaha adopts plant-derived materials for PWC parts

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Yamaha Marine U.S. Business Unit will soon begin to use plant-derived cellulose nanofiber (CNF) reinforced resin in the production of specific watercraft parts. The CNF reinforced resin, developed through a collaborative agreement between Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in Japan (“Yamaha Motor”) and Nippon Paper Industries Corporation, Ltd., represents what appears to be one of the world’s first practical use of sustainable material for watercraft parts.

The parts developed using this material are intended for installation on certain 2024 models of personal watercraft and sport boat engines. The use of this material in the production of Yamaha WaterCraft parts is a step toward the reduction of carbon dioxide as well as the company’s environmental footprint.

“We’re proud to be part of a company that proactively seeks sustainability solutions for its products,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit. “Yamaha Motor has inspired the activities of Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit and applauded the 2019 launch of Yamaha Rightwaters™, our sustainability program that seeks to reclaim, mitigate and clean up the plastics we use, increase scientific research, improve habitat and sequester carbon dioxide.”

CNF reinforced resin is a new high-strength material manufactured by kneading and dispersing CNF, a biomass material made from wood resources, into resins such as polypropylene. In addition to being more than 25 percent lighter than existing resin materials, it also has excellent material recyclability, leading to a reduction in the amount of plastics used and greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide.

Working toward the new Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–2024) announced in February, Yamaha Motor continues to strengthen its sustainability efforts. In an effort to accelerate the carbon offset initiatives necessary to achieve its goals, the company will continue promoting the research and development of technologies that contribute to sustainability.

Yamaha Motor is examining the utilization of CNF reinforced resin not only in marine products but also in motorcycles and a wide range of other products in the future.

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