Navico Group launches Fathom e-Power System

Navico Group has announced the launch of the new Fathom e-Power System, an integrated lithium-ion auxiliary power management system.

“Navico Group’s portfolio of diverse products and brands puts us in a unique position to deliver advanced integrated technologies like the Fathom e-Power System,” said Brett Dibkey, Navico Group President. “We are laser focused on our ACES strategy to transform the boating experience, and a major component of that is electrification. The enhanced Fathom System provides reliable power management and control, allowing users to better understand and manage their power needs.”

The Fathom e-Power System is a vertically integrated solution compromised of energy storage, power conversion and digital monitoring and control. Available in 12V, 24V and 48V customizable kits, Fathom is designed to integrate into a range of boats and recreational vehicles. The hardware and software elements are tested and validated to ensure compatibility with the Fathom e-Power system as well as third party hardware. Additional custom kits are scheduled to launch throughout 2023.

“Fathom’s customizable kits were designed to simplify electrification for our OEM partners,” added Dibkey. “The preconfigured kits seamlessly integrate into any vessel or vehicle, allowing manufacturers to better serve their customers’ specific needs.”

“Lithium batteries for marine applications have gained substantial traction in the last decade,” said Eric Lindquist, VP and General Manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “They last longer, charge faster, reduce weight and maximize space, as well as save time and money in the long run – all while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. With a variety of benefits, it is no surprise that consumers are selecting lithium batteries more frequently, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this shift and provide the most advanced power management system.”

Key features of the Fathom e-Power System include:

  • Enhanced information accessibility such as monitoring of power consumption from onboard appliances, allowing users to enable smarter power management to conserve energy
  • The intuitive interface provides an easy-to-understand battery status and includes a practical “time to empty” indicator
  • Users can enable alerts and guides for optimal recharging with custom preferences
  • Eliminates the noise, fumes and hassles of traditional generators
  • Customizable kits for seamless integration with optional add-ons for system enhancements

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