Suzuki Marine launches new website

Suzuki Marine USA, LLC has launched a new website designed to provide boaters with easier navigation, an informative and enjoyable online experience, and all the details they could ever need to research Suzuki Marine’s line up of four-stroke outboard motors from 2.5 to 350 horsepower.

Now any boaters who visits will immediately notice a new look that is both familiar and fresh at the same time. This is intentional, as Suzuki Marine worked closely with advertising agency Markham Yard, LLC to develop a site that carried Suzuki’s global look forward, while simultaneously creating a unique identity befitting Suzuki Marine. The result is a presentation that remains true to Suzuki’s global brand, yet solidifies a strong, forward-looking image for Suzuki Marine USA.

Visiting boaters and potential boaters will also notice improved site-wide navigation to go with the new look. The new layout includes interface “tabs” that allow for more information to be viewed at one time. This is key for boaters wanting to “deep-dive” into the features, details, applications, and specifications across Suzuki’s range of “Ultimate Outboard Motors.” The new navigation platform features a hot-clickable “bread-crumb” path that will always show the user what page they are viewing while, providing an easy means of navigating backwards.

Other new and updated features of the website include improvements to important categories such as the Dealer Locator, FAQs and Suzuki News. A range of new sections have been added to the site, designed to keep boaters and the industry up-to-date on happenings at today’s Suzuki Marine.

These include Hooked Up (coming soon), delivering angling-related information; Events, detailing upcoming boat shows other marine activities; CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, highlighting Suzuki Marine’s ongoing initiatives and grass-roots events to protect and improve the marine environment; and a new Contact Us tab designed to help dealers and customers connect with helpful Suzuki Marine personnel.

The website also does a great job of highlighting Suzuki’s recently announced status as Exclusive Outboard Motor Sponsor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — something that is sure to generate news and excitement over the 2022 season and beyond.

“This new website is making waves for Suzuki Marine on every level,” said George “Gus” Blakely, Suzuki Marine Executive Vice President. “It has a look that fits with Suzuki’s image across the globe, yet it does an excellent job of representing the bold, aggressive company that Suzuki Marine is today. We’re confident that visitors will appreciate the clean look and intuitive way that our information is organized and presented,” added Blakely.

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