Galeon Yachts celebrates 40 years

Galeon Yachts is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Founded in 1982 in Gdansk, Poland, the builder celebrates four decades of manufacturing and a workforce of more than 1,500 engineers, shipwrights, and technicians.

Bob Burke, Brand Manager for the Americas, comments, “As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Galeon Yachts, we could not be more proud of the entire team’s accomplishments. It’s been an honor to witness the growth of this exceptional brand from its humble beginnings in Poland in 1982 to becoming the world-class brand that we’ve all come to recognize today.”

Burke continues, “Known for quality and innovation, the story of Galeon Yacht’s growth is truly a powerful testament of commitment, perseverance, dedication, and passion. Led by the Kobylko family, Galeon has succeeded against seemingly impossible odds in growing to be one of the few truly great family-owned and operated yacht-building companies in the world. While many of the greatest brands in our industry have similar stories of vision and sacrifice, we are proud to be among those who lead the industry into the future.”

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