Discover Boating generates strong engagement

Discover Boating sparked interest and encouraged participation in boating this summer – and with help from its influencer partners creating and posting compelling content – gained nearly 400 NEW Instagram followers during the month of August. Instagram profile actions were also up 82% compared to the previous month in July. That indicates people were interested in learning more after they saw a social post by visiting Discover Boating’s Instagram profile, clicking on a website link and/or requesting to follow the account to receive more boating content.

Additionally, traffic to was up 12.5% in August. The most sought-after articles on that month include the following list, which shows site visitors were interested in boat buying and learning about ways to get on the water:

One of the most popular Facebook posts was a snapshot of the recently launched State Boating Resources Map piquing the interest of many new boaters with 932 engagements, including 39 comments and 445 clicks. Click on that post below to share on your Facebook channel as a way to engage with your customers and provide helpful boating-related information.

Follow @DiscoverBoating for additional shareable content and use #TheWaterIsOpen to join the conversation.

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