ABYC publishes largest Standards update to date

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The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) published its 61st supplement of Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, which provides the marine industry with the latest in boat building and repair standards. The 2021-2022 updates are available to purchase as a book or in digital format via the ABYC online library and desktop subscription. 

ABYC standards are continually researched, developed, and revised by over 400 volunteer technical experts and marine professionals participating in Project Technical Committees (PTCs).

“This is the largest update in ABYC’s history,” said ABYC technical director Brian Goodwin. “Our committees addressed the growing demand for electric propulsion and the increasingly more complex electrical systems we see on boats. This was a major achievement from dedicated industry professionals working together to ensure we keep boating safe.” 

With over 75% of revised documents included as the standards basis for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Boat & Yacht Certification Program, manufacturers designing for 2023 model year will need to understand and apply standards updates that affect their product.

ABYC members can access the standards on ABYC’s website via the standards library. The online standards library includes an overview document that highlights the major changes in supplement 61. Additionally, the overview document and supplemental technical tools, including an updated compliance audit checklist and updated test templates, are available on ABYC’s website.

Every year PTCs gather during ABYC’s Standards Week to update the standards currently under review. The 2022 Standards Week will be held in Charleston, SC, January 10-14. All are welcome to have a voice in standards development. Visit ABYC’s “Get Involved” site to learn more. 

Visit www.abycinc.org to purchase Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, Supplement 61 manual or desktop subscription. 

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