Innovation Summit announces Protomet’s Jeff Bohanan as speaker

The Marine Industry Innovation Summit recently announced Jeff Bohanan, founder and President of Protomet, as another speaker to the unique event being held on September 9th, 2021.

Bohanan will speak on a mindset for innovation. He will share his thoughts on why the future provides unprecedented opportunities for the marine industry and how the key to growth is having an infinite mindset. Bohanan enjoys sharing insights gleaned from his experience leading an entrepreneurial company.

Founding Protomet in 1997, Bohanan has led with a strategic mindset for the past 24 years. Bohanan’s passion for engineering and design grew during his prior tenure as an engineer for America’s military weapons complex. Bohanan subsequently built Protomet to provide engineering and innovation. For the last 15 years, Bohanan has steered his team towards the marine industry, where Protomet has found likeminded individuals geared towards new products, new capabilities, and cultural impact.

Bohanan said, “With the proper mindset, most people can achieve far more than they ever thought was possible. We are created in His image and, with that, comes infinite potential.”

Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft stated, “The Protomet team is respected as an innovator in many parts the marine industry and its innovation success has accelerated the growth of many of its customers. We are honored to have Jeff share what he has learned on innovation. I totally agree with Jeff, also believing that mindset is the first step to innovation.”

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