Ingenity delivers first electric boats

Ingenity delivers new electric boats to Lake Tahoe

Ingenity, a subsidiary of Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovation group, has delivered the first initial 100% electric Nautique GS22E production units to customers in both the U.S. and in Europe. In addition, Ingenity has installed an innovative automotive style “EB” (electric boat) charger on Lake Tahoe.
“Our innovation team members have poured themselves into this project knowing that connecting with end customers would be the ultimate validation of their tireless effort,” said Sean Marrero, president of Ingenity. “Now that we have a growing base of initial customers from all over the world, I could not be happier for them or more excited about the opportunity we have in front of us.”
Ingenity installed its first innovative automotive style charger at Homewood Marina on Lake Tahoe with help from local environmental non-profit Tahoe Fund. 

By applying automotive standards, Ingenity can provide a menu of safe and innovative charging solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

The electric boat charger at Homewood Marina is capable of fully re-charging the Super Air Nautique GS22E in less than five hours. 
“Protecting the unique natural resource of Lake Tahoe has always been our priority, so installing the Ingenity on-the-water EB charging station at the Marina is 100% in alignment with our commitment,” said David Topol, director of Homewood Marina. “Our goal was to be the first charging station on the lake, but our vision is that this is the first of many. Now that the technology is here, we hope to inspire other marinas and boaters to move in this direction with us.”
The battery-operated, zero-emission Super Air Nautique GS22E, developed in partnership with sister company Nautique, was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding watersports customers.

The award-winning and innovative Ingenity system makes optimum use of its unique and innovative battery allowing for three hours of watersports use.
“While we are very proud of the boat’s environmental benefits, the GS22E’s performance as a watersports boat stands on its own,” added Marrero. “We are confident that watersports enthusiasts are going to be impressed by what this boat can do.”

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