Discover Boating’s Influencer Program attracts new audiences

Discover Boating sees record web traffic

Discover Boating's social media influencer program – which kicked off in June to bring awareness to boating – continues generating conversations among new, younger audiences and creating interactions around boating this summer when close-to-home outdoor recreation is in high demand.

In fact, the amount of interactions garnered to date – 650,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares, views) – far surpassed the goal of 250,000 engagements, and the campaign has reached 698,000 impressions, which includes the number of times fans came across Discover Boating branded content organically (no paid ads) when scrolling through their social feeds.

Discover Boating has also seen spikes in new social media followers each time an influencer’s post goes live on Instagram. That shows that influencers are bringing awareness to Discover Boating and encouraging their audiences to follow its social handles for anyone looking to get started in boating.The influencers have been sharing compelling content that showcases their own experiences out on the water as well as safety tips on recreating responsibly and shedding light on the restorative benefits of boating and fishing – all supporting the ‘Get On Board’ campaign messaging with Take Me Fishing.

For example, solo travel influencer @hey_ciara  captured an epic day cruising on the water with her family and stated:We may not be able to go far but right now, boating is one of the safest ways to escape - even if only for a few hours! Getting out on the water and into the sun has been proven to reduce stress and boost serotonin, which we could all use a bit of at the moment…Be sure to use @discoverboating to search for your next boat rental! Thank you @freedomboatclubaustin for the amazing experience!

Influencer @chrisgarafola created a heartwarming video featuring his family, including his sister with special needs, who bravely tried tubing for the first time and loved it.

Chris shared:“It’s been difficult trying to find activities that would allow us to practice safe social distancing (especially with Brittany), but boating turned out to be the perfect resolution. When you’re locked down in a pandemic, you quickly realize how important nature and wide-open spaces are for your mental health. It was reassuring to see how easy and safe the rental process was.As you can see, Brittany didn't waste any time getting the party started lol. When I saw how much fun she was having on the boat, it filled my heart to the brim! I think it's safe to say we may have to turn this into a family tradition. If you want to check out boat rentals in your area too, head on over to @discoverboating. #DiscoverBoating #TheWaterIsOpen

Discover Boating is working with 11 diverse influencers that are helping their audiences learn boating can be an accessible option across the US for those looking for new outdoor recreation options, close-to-home travel ideas, family activities and much more.Together the following influencers have a powerful impact potentially reaching more than 11.8 million people this summer across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and blogs:

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