Correct Craft steps up during coronavirus crisis

Correct Craft’s team has stepped up to join in the fight against COVID-19. The company and its subsidiaries are working to serve in this global pandemic by helping fill the gap of PPE (personal protective equipment) shortages in local communities across the country.

Some examples of work being done by Correct Craft companies include:

  • Centurion & Supreme Boats have donated much needed PPE to supply Memorial Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital in Modesto, Calif.
  • Centurion & Supreme is also making approximately 1,000 face shields to donate to their local health care community.
  • The Nautique team is making an impact by sewing face masks for local health care facilities. Their upholstery department team offered up home sewing machines and fabrics to be used as part of this process. Nautique also purchased additional sewing machines and fabric to produce the masks. 
  • Orlando Health reached out to Nautique because they had special medical fabric but no capacity in their supply chain to convert them into masks. Nautique is converting the fabric into masks for the hospital.
  • Watershed Innovation and Nautique partnered together to produce medical quality face shields. Coca-Cola Florida donated plastic in rolls of 1,700 pounds but needed a facility and machinery that could maneuver these rolls. These plastic rolls are being laser cut into manageable sections in Correct Craft facilities. 
  • Parker Boats has donated N95 certified face masks and protective suits to healthcare facilities in Beaufort, N.C.

“Our team is unlike any other. Their drive, creativity and teamwork to help people in their local community during this crisis is inspiring,” Bill Yeargin president and CEO said. “Our team has diligently worked to bring as much help and encouragement to our local health care community as they can. I am honored to serve on this team who, even during this crisis, continue working hard at ‘Making Life Better.’”

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