DealerCircle launches new supplier marketplace

DealersCircle, Inc. – a web-based marine industry provider that links the manufacturer, dealer and customer together with its software application – has recently added a new feature to its application: the Supplier Marketplace.

“The Supplier Marketplace is our proprietary platform that allows for the incorporation of suppliers’ products right into our DealersCircle application,” said DealersCircle president Scott Davis. “This will assist our more than 1,200 dealers in further streamlining their order process. Imagine, a dealer placing an order for an OEM product, and being able to see and add verified supplier products on to the order as an equipment feature. As the Supplier Marketplace grows, so will the product offerings available to the dealer network.”

“Another added bonus is if the particular supplier product requires registration, that can easily be handled at the time the OEM product is delivered to the customer, allowing the dealer to have a one-stop-shop of resources,” Davis added. “This will eliminate the need for dealers to go to multiple places to register boats and additional equipment.”

A dealer currently utilizing the DealersCircle application will now be able to view and browse the new Supplier Marketplace within the application. Some available items may be offered by the boat manufacturer as OEM installed items, while others will be offered as dealer installed items. Once the OEM product order is placed, orders for those additional items from the Supplier Marketplace will also be submitted to the respective supplier(s). These orders are tied directly to the OEM product order such that the supplier is electronically notified of order progress (such as, if the OEM product order is cancelled, or when the OEM product order has been shipped) so that the supplier can coordinate shipment of those items to the dealers (if necessary). Payments for products are handled directly between the supplier and dealer.

For manufacturers that sell their products on DealersCircle, OEMs have the ability to offer Supplier Marketplace items as manufacturer options, just like the rest of their existing options in the system. OEMs also have the ability to include Supplier Marketplace items as standard equipment on their models. In either case, if those Supplier Marketplace items require registration by the dealer, DealersCircle handles that at the time the OEM Product is registered, making the delivery process much easier on the dealer.

“This is the initial version of the Supplier Marketplace, so while we have started with a handful of product offerings, we anticipate this available list to grow substantially as well as the marketplace’s associated capabilities,” said Davis. “Interested suppliers have the opportunity to be added to our marketplace after their application/interview process is complete, as we want to ensure we are providing top quality and viable options for our dealer network.”

The Supplier Marketplace, although being initially launched for marine dealers, is suited for other industries as well, including RV, power sports or heavy equipment.

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