MarineMax slates second online yacht expo

MarineMax plans to bring the luxury yacht experience online with their fifth Online Boat Show

Abbey Heimensen, MarineMax Director of Marketing, says, “It’s been exactly one year since we launched the online concept and we haven’t looked back. Results have been eye-opening, and our team is leveraging the success of new digital customer experiences. The 2019 Online Yacht Expo will be our fifth online boat show and the second online event to focus exclusively on yachts over 50-feet.” 

In December of 2018, MarineMax tried something new. The event was called “Virtual Yacht Expo,” but there wasn’t a single yacht on display. Instead, an online platform was designed to “display” yachts from across the country. Anyone anywhere could log in any time and visit the Virtual Yacht Expo. This year’s event is named the “Online Yacht Expo,” and it begins December 5 and runs through December 7. Attendees can explore and take tours from wherever they are using a computer, phone, or tablet. They can take advantage of exclusive pricing and incentives, bonus gift bags, travel credits, and yacht management services. Watch videos and chat with industry experts who will assist with all yachting needs and even reserve a yacht by placing a deposit online. The show will be “open” each day from 9 am to 5 pm. Boating enthusiasts are welcome to peruse the site at any time from December 5 to 7 with live engagements available during show hours.

Heimensen continues, “We have a significant investment into industry-leading digital solutions to provide the very best boating experience for our customers. The goal is to keep existing and future customers informed of new offerings, and the latest and greatest from the boating community.” 

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