Upcoming NMEA/RTCM conference sells out expo space

The exposition at this year’s NMEA/RTCM Marine Electronics Conference and Expo, to be held Sept. 16-20, in Portsmouth, Virginia, has sold out.

“This is the earliest that we have ever sold all the expo space,” said Mark Reedenauer, President and Executive Director of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). “The high interest in the expo is an indication of market growth and the hard work put forth by the NMEA Conference Committee, Board of Directors, and staff. This year’s expo will feature 48 top manufacturers-one of our largest expos of the past decade-with many showing new products they are rolling out for 2020.”

The event, Reedenauer pointed out, offers the best selection of training and educational opportunities of the year. The 2019 NMEA Conference and Expo will also offer on-the-water demo boats and valuable face-to-face time for dealers and manufacturers at the equipment and services expo, which will be spread over two afternoons and evenings.

Attendees can register through the website at www.expo.nmea.org. For more information, contact the NMEA main office at 410-975-9425 or email info@nmea.org.

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