Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovation, UCF senior design project selected in statewide showcase

The quiet aluminum fishing boat project that Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovation and the University of Central Florida students have been working on will be presented at a statewide engineering senior design showcase on Monday, April 22n at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

The Florida-wide Engineering Senior Design Invitational is a relatively new collaborative initiative by 10 deans of Florida’s engineering colleges, including The University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, University of Miami, Embry-Riddle, FIU, UCF and more. Each university selects two to three of their best senior design projects for showcasing alongside other universities’ projects.

UCF Professor Mark Steiner stated, “The quiet aluminum fishing boat project is clearly one of the most exciting senior design projects this year in the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science. As a large interdisciplinary team participating on a real-world project, they haven’t faced a challenge they haven’t succeeded in. Every student involved should be very proud of their accomplishments in creating this boat.”

Fourteen graduating senior UCF students from multiple disciplines will showcase their year-long project to develop a quiet aluminum fishing boat with electric propulsion at the tournament. They have applied advanced technologies including computational fluid dynamics and electric propulsion to create a boat that is both lightweight to maximize range and be ultra-quiet to help catch more fish. The project has been done in collaboration with engineers from SeaArk, Correct Craft’s aluminum fishing boat company. Torqeedo, a clear market leader in electric boat drives, has also been involved in this project along with SeaDek, the premier maker of marine non-skid surface products.

Watershed President Sean Marrero stated, “We are very proud of the work being accomplished by the Watershed and UCF teams with support from our partners: SeaArk, Torqeedo, and SeaDek. This project is well deserving to be highlighted at the Statewide Senior Design Showcase and we will be cheering our team on!”

Learn more about the event Watershed and UCF students are revealing their boat here.

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