Siren Marine announces partnership with Oasis Marinas

Siren Marine and marina management firm Oasis Marinas have teamed up to bring boaters across the mid-Atlantic and northeast region a better, worry-free boating experience. 

Through this partnership, Oasis Marinas will sell and promote Siren Marine’s MTC Connected Boat technology through its customer-service-oriented marinas, as a way to bring greater peace of mind to boaters who call an Oasis-managed marina their boat’s on-water home. It will also utilize Siren Marine’s advanced Siren Fleet management portal to monitor and track customer boats, delivering even greater awareness and customer satisfaction.

Oasis Marinas currently manages 20 marinas located in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Connecticut and New York. Oasis Marinas is working aggressively to expand its geographic presence and add more marinas to the family of leading properties it manages. Oasis Marinas has two additional branches to its business; the Snag-A-Slip marina reservation tool and Marina Life magazine, a respected periodical dedicated to helping boaters enjoy the marina lifestyle to the fullest.

“Our goal is to provide a five-star hotel experience at the marinas we manage,” said Dan Cowens, Oasis Marinas CEO.   “An important part of this is providing a place where boaters can relax and focus on having a good time on the water. We immediately recognized how Siren Marine’s Connected Boat technology, and the peace of mind it provides boaters, helps us achieve our goal."

Siren Marine’s MTC (Monitor|Track|Control) and exclusive Android and iOS app keep boaters appraised of their boat’s condition and location, from anywhere in the world. The system provides geofence tracking and, using a wide range of available sensors, continuously monitors battery condition, bilge water level, shorepower status, temperature and more.  The confidence that comes from knowing your boat is safe, secure and ready to enjoy when you show up is particularly important for boaters who store their vessels in marina slips.

As a cloud-based system that allows for multiple authorized users, Siren Marine’s proprietary Siren Fleet application platform provides the opportunity for marina managers to assist in monitoring tenants’ vessels and notify them of service and maintenance needs — before small problems have time to become large ones. For example, repeated battery voltage alerts might indicate a bad cell requiring battery replacement. By monitoring engine hours, the marina could let a boat owner know when time for scheduled maintenance is approaching. 

This partnership, however, is about more than Oasis Marinas properties offering Siren Marine technology to its tenants. It is a true customer experience and marketing partnership with tangible benefits for both sides. For Siren Marine, the combination of exposure through Snag-A-Slip and Marina Life magazine will help the company dominate an important audience of marina-based boaters —the very segment of the market that has the most to gain from Siren Marine technology.   

“This partnership truly creates something that is greater and stronger than the sum of its parts,” said Siren Marine Founder and CEO Daniel Harper. “Together, we are on a mission to change the boating experience for the better and enhance the boating lifestyle. By taking the worry out of boating, we will benefit the entire industry. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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