Correct Craft hosts leaders from Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and staff from U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s office visited Correct Craft separately today, toured the Nautique boat plant, and learned about issues impacting the marine industry.

Correct Craft’s President and CEO Bill Yeargin and Nelson discussed how the new tariffs and trade war are impacting the marine industry.

Yeargin shared with Senator Nelson how proud the Correct Craft team of nearly 1,300 employees are to build products in the U.S. that are desired around the world.

Yeargin also commented that Correct Craft’s companies are significant net exporters and that U.S. tariffs, combined with retaliatory tariffs from trading partners, could significantly hurt Correct Craft and other significant exporters within the marine industry, putting U.S. jobs at risk.

“Correct Craft is in one of Florida’s biggest industries, boat building, and I appreciate their CEO, Bill Yeargin, for bringing to my attention the impact of the current trade war on both their company and industry,” Nelson said, adding: “I am very proud of Correct Craft; Florida is an oasis of fishing and watersports.”

Later in the day, Correct Craft hosted staff from the office of Sen.Rubio. Rubio’s staff were also briefed by Yeargin and Correct Craft’s CFO Angela Pilkington on how the new U.S. tariffs have made it more difficult to sell boats not only by increasing costs, but also with retaliatory tariffs by trading partners, which potentially put U.S. jobs at risk.

Rubio’s staff concluded their visit with a walkthrough of the Nautique boat plant.

“We were honored today to have both U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and staff from U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s office visit Correct Craft to learn more about marine industry issues,” Yeargin said. “The marine industry is facing some significant challenges with the current trade war and our team appreciates the offices of our U.S. senators being willing to listen to our concerns.”

Yeargin also thanked Nicole Vasilaros, vice president, federal and legal affairs at the National Marine Manufacturers Association, for flying down from Washington for the two meetings.

“Nicole is a friend and colleague who is doing a wonderful job representing Correct Craft and many other companies on issues that are facing our industry,” Yeargin said.

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