ABYC wire sizer smartphone app streamlines design, service process

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) announced the launch of a new wire sizing smartphone-application which calculates minimum conductor size for boats voltage, voltage drop and wire run length.

“While it’s up to the individual manufacturers to keep up with consumer demand for high-tech systems on board boats, it’s up to ABYC to provide a safe framework of design standards that builders, installers and service technicians can rely on,” said ABYC Education Development Manager Matt Wienold. “This app sets out to streamline the design and service process by offering simple, easy to input fields to yield a result which you can rely on to get the job done safely, effectively and efficiently.”

The ABYC wire sizer app is specifically designed to meet the wire sizing requirements found in ABYC standard E-11, AC & DC Electrical Systems on Boats. An international tool, the app incorporates wire sizing calculations using both ABYC U.S. methodology as well as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) European methodology. American Wire Gauge (AWG) results are based on ABYC requirements and the metric (mm2) results are based on ISO requirements.

The wire sizer app calculates the minimum wire size using voltage drop requirements (either 10 percent or 3 percent depending on the application), conductor maximum ampacity, insulation temperature rating, conductor bundling and more. The application can be used for DC wiring (12V, 24V & 32V) as well as AC wiring (120V, 240V, & 230V) and covers both DC and AC shore power wire sizing, derating based on wire bundle sizes. The app also expands upon existing voltage drop tables found within the ABYC standards by covering higher amperage levels typical to equipment such as bow thrusters and anchor windlasses.

The ABYC wire sizer app is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play. Visit www.abycinc.org/wiresizer to learn more. Purchase of the app helps to support the nonprofit American Boat and Yacht Council whose mission is to be the essential source of technical information for the international marine industry.

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