Regal launches 19 Surf

Regal Marine has introduced its new 19 Surf, a surf boat priced at under $40,000.

The Regal surf system – controlled by RegalVue – can set speed, deploy surf tabs, choose the wave direction, and access GPS and engine data. The surf system is paired with the standard Volvo Catalyst forward drive engine, available in 200 horsepower.

Features include a transom walk-thru for easy water access, removable cooler for refreshments and storage throughout. Seating in the cockpit and bow is designed to comfortably accommodate up to nine people. In the cockpit, the Social Seat can be reconfigured to either accompany the captain or lounge back.

“What sets the 19 Surf apart is its extremely competitive price, and how well-equipped it comes at that price. This is not just a surf boat. The 19 surf still offers the same luxury and performance our customers have come to expect from the Regal brand,” said Jake Kuck, Regal’s regional sales manager.

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