Emerald Marine Products moves offices, shifts branding

In response to an expansion of its line of man overboard alert systems, Emerald Marine Products has moved its offices. Its new address is 811 Alder St., Edmonds, WA 98020; the company’s phone number remains 800-426-4201.

For 15 years, its product line centered on its ALERT2 transmitter, receiver and related equipment. With the recent introduction of the ALERT418 Transmitter and the ALERT418 Receiver launching this fall, corporate branding is shifting away from the ALERT name and toward the company name, Emerald Marine Products. An example is www.alert2.com redirecting to www.emeraldmarineproducts.com.

Emerald Marine Products manufactures life-saving products for the maritime industry, including water-activated man overboard transmitters and receivers. When immersed, the system instantly sounds a piercing alarm and can be wired to set a waypoint, activate external speakers and strobes, and/or stop engines. Unlike AIS-reliant devices, there is no lag time.

For more information, visit www.emeraldmarineproducts.com.

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