Minn Kota debuts portable digital battery chargers at ICAST

Minn Kota debuted two portable, single-bank battery chargers at ICAST.

The new portable digital chargers have a built-in digital microprocessor that is the “brain” behind their performance, the company said. Among other things, the microprocessor facilitates automatic temperature compensation. High and low outside temperatures can affect a battery’s ability to take a charge, often resulting in under- or over-charging, which can damage expensive marine batteries. Minn Kota’s Portable Digital Chargers are designed to sense the outside temperature and automatically adjust the charge profile. This self-regulation ensures a faster, more precise charge every time. The benefits to anglers are extended battery life, maximum power for cranking and improved cycle life for marine electronics.

Minn Kota Portable Digital Chargers also recognize when the battery has achieved full power and shut off automatically when the charge is complete. The new models deliver 5 or 10 AMPS of total output and work perfectly on flooded/wet-cell, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries. The portable chargers were designed with a light weight and carry handle.

The 5 AMP MK-105PD will retail for $59.99 and the 10 AMP MK-110PD will retail for $84.99. For more information, visit MinnKotaMotors.com.

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