Mariner Exchange partners with ABYC

Mariner Exchange, a marketplace that connects boat owners with boat repair professionals, announced that is has partnered with the American Boat & Yacht Council.

“We’re very excited to partner with ABYC, which represents the standard for service in the industry. ABYC member companies will have a badge on their company profile which will designate to our users that they represent the highest quality,” said Alex Nicholson, founder of Mariner Exchange.

“ABYC membership and Certified Technician status establishes that a service provider is dedicated to boating safety by using established national standards to build, inspect and repair pleasure boats,” said ABYC Membership Director Kevin Scullen. “We hope that all of the providers on Mariner Exchange will feature the ABYC logo and that they will have their technicians ABYC Certified to provide a higher level of service to the boating consumer.”

This follows the release of Mariner Exchange’s web platform and its expansion of coverage to the West Coast. Boat owners can now browse over 4,000 marine service providers to find mechanical, electrical, structural and other services. In addition, the platform surpassed 10,000 users.

“We’re very excited to release our new website and expand coverage to Washington and California,” said Nicholson. “We were formerly just a mobile app and now with the website we’ll be able to reach an even broader audience.”

Mariner Exchange launched in July 2016 and expanded to cover the Chesapeake Bay region. Mariner Exchange also offers service providers lead-generation metrics so they know exactly how many calls, emails, and website hits they get over the platform.

Businesses who would like to be listed on Mariner Exchange can submit their company information at

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