Turning Point Propellers celebrates 20th anniversary

International propeller supplier Turning Point Propellers announced that it is celebrating 20 years of business this month.

“Our team takes great pride in developing some of the best performing aluminum and stainless steel propellers. Starting as an idea after a shortened weekend from a wrecked set of props, Turning Point has grown into a global supplier with manufacturing and warehouse facilities in three countries,” said company President Ron Bailey. “We are very grateful to all of our customers for making us the fastest growing prop company in North America. This rapid growth required recent expansion into our second U.S. warehouse location in Jacksonville, Fla, and a doubling of our aluminum production capacity.

“To obtain and maintain our outstanding growth, we have partnered with the best independent sales associates in the U.S. and internationally,” he added. “This sales team allows us to focus on what we do best: new product development and continuous improvements in delivery, fill rates and product quality.”

Turning Point manufactures high-performance aluminum high and stainless steel propellers for powerboat applications in the 6 to 400 hp+ range. It is a primary manufacturer operating aluminum and stainless facilities with ingot to pallet vertical integration. Branded products include: Hustler Three and Four Blade Aluminum Propellers, Express Mach3 and Mach4 Stainless Steel Propellers, Aegis Safer Propellers, MasterGuard Installation/Hub Kits, Prop Wizard and Prop Genie Propeller Configurators. The company is focused on new product development, manufacturing and marketing serving a global customer base partnered with marine distribution, OEM, and mass merchant companies.

For more information, contact sales@tpprops.com or visit www.tpprops.com.

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