Gevo to collaborate with U.S. Department of Energy Small Businesss Vouchers program

Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO) announced that it was selected to collaborate with researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy as part of DOE’s Small Business Vouchers program.

The SBV program provides funding for DOE’s national laboratories to partner with selected U.S. businesses, enabling these clean technology companies to leverage the laboratories’ technical and intellectual resources. Specifically, Argonne National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory received funding to work with Gevo to develop a predictive octane-blending model for isobutanol and gasoline blendstocks for oxygenated blending. While it is known that isobutanol increases octane when blended into BOBs, the effect is non-linear and dependent on a BOB’s properties. This project is intended to measure the actual octane effect on finished fuels when blending Gevo’s isobutanol with existing BOBs, obviating the need for blenders to perform expensive and time consuming tests themselves.

This work is expected to support the investments that Gevo and its value chain partners are currently making to develop BOBs specifically for isobutanol. Isobutanol possesses a range of properties, which makes it an ideal blendstock for gasoline such as high-energy content, high octane, low-water solubility and low volatility. By developing optimized iBOBs to blend with Gevo’s isobutanol, Gevo and its partners can produce high performance finished fuels, which can benefit end consumers, as well as provide margin to all participants across the fuel blending value chain.

“Gevo is excited to be collaborating with Argonne and NREL on this project. We believe that expanding the blending of Gevo’s isobutanol will benefit the U.S. by reducing the need for petroleum imports while reducing harmful carbon emissions. We, and our partners, want to ensure that we develop finished gasoline that delivers the highest value to the end customer. At the same time, we want to make sure that we are taking advantage of the superior properties of isobutanol to develop economical iBOBs that drive the highest margin through our value chain, while still delivering a high-quality finished product to the consumer,” said Dr. Patrick Gruber, Gevo’s chief executive officer. 

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