Mercury Marine’s Anderson first to be named Brunswick Senior Fellow

Dr. Kevin R. Anderson, who is recognized globally for his expertise in materials engineering and material science, has been named a senior fellow by Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC). Anderson is the first to receive the designation within the company.

The role of senior fellow is a newly created position, and represents the most senior individual technical role with Brunswick. It is reserved for candidates who have demonstrated performance and skills that drive technical innovation across the entire company and leverage that experience to influence the businesses and industries they serve.

“The position is intended for individuals who are not only at the pinnacle of their discipline, but who are also recognized nationally and internationally for their knowledge and skills,” said Brunswick Chief Technology Officer David M. Foulkes. “Further, they also continue to be engaged in providing practical problem solving support and advice to all Brunswick divisions.”

Senior fellows are expected to exert strategic influence as well as develop talent within the company’s research and development corps, helping to set standards for individual performance and scientific work, Foulkes added.

Dr. Anderson has a baccalaureate, Master’s and a Ph.D. degree in metallurgical engineering – all from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign. Joining Mercury Marine in 1998, his specializations are aluminum and failure analysis, an avocation he has pursued with distinction for more than 25 years. At Mercury, Dr. Anderson was instrumental in the designing the Mercalloy family of aluminum alloys, which are patented by the engine maker, as well as other materials-related projects across the Brunswick enterprise.

Dr. Anderson has been granted 26 U.S. patents as well as other international patents during his career. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering – “for advances in metals recycling through invention of innovative aluminum alloys.” He is also a fellow with ASM International, the world’s largest materials society, for “outstanding technological contributions to the aluminum manufacturing industry, and for numerous professional, technical and scientific achievements and commercially important patents.”

Dr. Anderson is also the recipient of numerous other industry awards and recognitions.

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