Mar-Kee Group launches 30-day boot camp training

The Mar-Kee Group announced the launch of a new sales process training solution, “30 Day Boot Camp Training.”

“Imagine one of your new salespeople, or one who is underperforming, were to receive their sales training assignment every Monday through Friday morning over the next 30 days! Most managers wish all salespeople would begin each day this way; now they can,” said co-owner Richard Keeney.

“30 Day Boot Camp Sales Training” is available online and accessible 24/7 on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Mar-Kee Group pushes out a personalized, daily video assignment to each student via email. Training includes testing as well as printable course materials to build a permanent sales training manual. The entire process takes approximately 10 minutes or less per day, starting each day the right way. The student can start the program at any time.

“For managers, a huge benefit of the training is that we do all the work! Managers are always copied on all communications and receive real-time status updates, making them aware of every assignment as well as any inactivity,” said Keeney.

When the student successfully completes the program, the manager will receive the student’s Certificate of Completion, allowing them to provide recognition to each graduate on their achievement.

David Martin, president of The Mar-Kee Group, is very passionate that “this training is the single most important training a manager could provide a new hire or any underperforming team member. Whether marine dealers have one or more deserving of this unique confidence and skill building program, use it when needed. You will always know your training investment is being utilized. It’s as simple as that!”

30 Day Boot Camp Training covers:

  • Navigating to Success — 24 video assignments
  • Selling at the Boat Show — one video assignment
  • Ultimate Phone Expertise — 15 video assignments
  • Outstanding Customer Service — seven video assignments
  • Electronic Communication — two video assignments
  • Trust is the Basis for Sales — one video assignment
  • Prospecting and Follow-up — 10 video assignments

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