Boatsetter partners with GoFree

Boatsetter announced that it is partnering with GoFree – the provider of digital content and services and part of the Navico family of marine electronics brands including Lowrance, Simrad and B&G. The peer-to-peer boat rental company selected GoFree Track and GoFree Vessel solutions as the recommended vessel tracking and remote management solution for its global network of owners.

GoFree Track is a hardware system designed to deliver connected vessel solutions that provide boat owners, fleet operators and service technicians with onboard information. GoFree Vessel – the web and mobile interface for the connected vessel – was designed to add service, security and social fun.

“We believe that Navico has created an exciting product that will provide a tremendous advantage to both our Boatsetter owners and our Boatsetter users. The GoFree program will help owners track their boats and will provide critical security and engine information that will help them manage their boats and keep them in top condition, ultimately, improving the lifetime value of their boat investment,” said Jaclyn Baumgarten, CEO and co-founder of Boatsetter. “Boatsetter users will be renting with the added confidence of knowing that the boats they are on are secure and have been maintained by the latest and best remote vessel management system available.”

Boatsetter said it works hard to put systems in place that ensure trust between its boat owners and users, and GoFree Vessel’s TripReplay feature will be instrumental in solidifying that trust. This functionality syncs recorded vessel information for easy sharing with Boatsetter owners allowing access to real-time information pertaining to their boat including location, weather conditions, water depth and engine performance data while their boat is in use.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Boatsetter,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico. “With over 4,000 owners in the program and a rapidly growing population of adventurous users worldwide, Boatsetter is in the perfect position to make full use of our new systems. The GoFree Track with GoFree Vessel solutions offer users unique features that no other boat rental company has – a powerful tool that facilitates effective communication and creates a more positive boat rental experience.”

For more information on GoFree Track with GoFree Vessel services, please contact 800-324-1356 (toll-free) in the U.S. or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada, or visit or

For more information on Boatsetter, visit

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