Lamor Corporation introduces Seahunter multipurpose connectable plastic workboat

Lamor Corporation has introduced the Seahunter, a multipurpose connectable plastic workboat. The Lamor Seahunter is used in many European countries for many commercial purposes. It is manufactured in Norway, Spain and Finland.

The Lamor Seahunter can serve as a multiple use commercial platform or powered vessel. Each hull is designed to be connected together either at port, starboard or bow with simple lockable pins, or it can be used individually. It is ideal for working in marinas, swamps and transporting passengers along shoreline and rivers.

”I have successfully used the Seahunter in oil spill response operations and since my passion is fishing and hunting, I realized its value in transporting supplies, including 4-wheelers, and people to and from their sailboats in marinas, as well as a general work platform in secluded harbors, lakes and bays,” said Dan Beyer, general manager of Lamor USA Corporation.

The catamaran-shaped hull is manufactured in rotomolded thermo plastic, which is desgined to ensure durable and low maintenance surface. The hull can be equipped with up to a 50 hp outboard engine. Additional options available include a steering console with hydraulic steering, electric start, trim/tilt, propeller protection guard, anti-skid material on all flooring, manual davit, tow bar, rear entry ladder, side ladder, cleats, railings, sun cover and trailer.

The Lamor Seahunter can carry up to seven passengers and can be transported on trailers, in trucks, containers, etc. The hulls can also be stored on top of each other. Its hull weighs less than 1,000 pounds.

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