Torqeedo to present three new products in 2017

Motor manufacturer Torqeedo will present three new products for 2017 dto the U.S. trade at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida Conference and Exhibition, Jan. 16­18, and to the public at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 16­20.

BMW’s i3 high-voltage battery has been adapted to work with Torqeedo’s 40 or 80 hp Deep Blue systems. It was designed to benefit recreational and commercial boat owners with high-energy density, lower cost and safety standards. The prismatic cell design was built to provide efficient cooling with an integrated compressor and even temperature distribution, all in a rugged and compact shock-resistant enclosure.

The 25 kW Range Extender was specifically designed to efficiently power Torqeedo’s Deep Blue system. The company says it’s the first inverter generator capable of supplying electricity for yachts and supporting serial hybrid systems. The combustion engine runs at its most efficient operating point, supplying the full 25 kW regardless of fluctuating load demands or the voltage level of the Deep Blue batteries. It doesn’t require a separate starter. Instead, it uses the electric motor included in the genset. This is designed to reduce pollutants, provide less vibration and a longer life for the motor.

For more information, contact Torqeedo Inc., 171 Erick Street Unit A-1, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. 815-444-8806; Fax: 815-444-8807.;

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