Nautique launches Super Air Nautique GS20

Nautique introduced the first-ever Super Air Nautique GS20. The new 20-foot boat is built for multi-sport performance blending designs from the G-series and Ski Nautique 200. Nautique held a launch event for the GS20 at the GM Heritage Center in Detroit.

The Super Air Nautique GS20’s hull is designed to optimize the wake and wave under running conditions for wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing. Distinct characteristics taken from the Ski Nautique 200 begin at the bow transforming into features of the award-winning G-series at the transom. New technology in the Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS) has been developed for performance at every speed and user setting. Nautique says the new hull design creates a wakeboard wake and surf wave that have never been achieved in a 20-foot boat, utilizing 1,850 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast and the Nautique Surf System. Water skiers can select Slalom Ski profile with new NCRS Ski Assist feature to automatically optimize settings at their desired speed.

The Super Air Nautique GS20 is styled with aggressive, three-dimensional hull features and an artful interior design that explores a new concept of space in a 20-foot boat. The GS20 features Nautique’s latest technological advancements including the new 12.4” LINC PANORAY touchscreen, Nautique Awareness camera along with premium sound from JL Audio.

“The Super Air Nautique GS20 leaves nothing to be desired in a 20-foot boat for the family that wants to have it all with the ability to do it all,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “We have created a true multi-sport boat that perfectly combines features from our Ski Nautique 200 and Super Air Nautique G-Series resulting in performance and style that could only come from Nautique.”

For more information about the Super Air Nautique GS20, visit the Nautique website.

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