New Evinrude fellowship will support environmental research

BRP’s Evinrude brand, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences, has launched the BRP/Evinrude Water Research Excellence Fellowships.

The two $5,000 annual fellowships support tuition for graduate students at the School of Freshwater Sciences. The fellowships are given to students conducting outstanding research that will help protect and preserve the world’s fragile water resources. Recently, Evinrude also donated outboard engines to power two of the School’s research vessels. The engines and fellowships are provided as part of Evinrude’s continuing support of both local education and marine environment preservation.

“Our students conduct research that is integral in affecting policy and public awareness of the protection, restoration and conservation of freshwater resources,” said J. Val Klump, associate dean of research and senior director of the School of Freshwater Sciences. “We are on the cutting edge of revolutionizing fish-based food systems, protecting the ecology and promoting environmental health. The research our students conduct is vital to our way of life and would not be possible without like-minded and forward-thinking sponsors like Evinrude. We thank them for their active participation in supporting our mission.”

“With the growing popularity of boating and increased outboard sales, Evinrude is very conscious of the impact our engines have on the environment,” said Christopher Berg, global director of marketing and strategic planning, Evinrude. “While Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines are designed to be the cleanest, most fuel-efficient and highest-performing outboard engines, and have the lowest emissions of any combustion outboard on the market, we know we can do more. The School of Freshwater Sciences is a local institution whose research has a global impact that benefits us all. We are very proud to support our BRP/Evinrude Water Research Excellence Fellows and the critical research they will be conducting.”

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