Chaparral & Robalo award 2016 Scholarships

Chaparral Boats Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC awarded $90,000 in college scholarships to nine graduating seniors within the Chaparral and Robalo family.

“Our employees are some of the hardest working people in the marine industry and we are proud to help their families each year with our scholarship program” said Buck Pegg, executive vice president of Chaparral and Robalo.  “We feel that continued education is important and we are excited to support their children’s endeavors toward their chosen career path”.

Over the past 19 years Chaparral Boats Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC have awarded 52 scholarships totaling $483,000.

The 2016 Scholarship Award Recipients are:

  • Austin Clements, Parent is  Johnny Clements
  • Hana Gaskins, Parent is  Leisa Gaskins
  • Kayde Golden, Parent is  Angela Skinner
  • Marissa Guest, Parent is  Misty Guest
  • Rebecca Klinger, Parent is  Jonathan Klinger
  • Jacob Meeler, Parent is  Mickey Meeler
  • Austin Roberts, Parent is  April Roberts
  • Ryan Spires, Parent is  Ronnie Spires
  • Sharmaine White, Parents are Robert & Jessica White

Buck Pegg and company staff congratulated each recipient and their parents during a luncheon held in their honor on June 1.


  1. Congratulations to the recipients of the scholarships and to Chaparral / Robalo for making the scholarships available to the people building your great boats!

  2. Nashville, Georgia is blessed to have Chaparral/Robalo boat company! It’s wonderful to have a company dedicated to the continued education of our students! Thank you!

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