Brig Boats opens second U.S. dealership

Brig Boats has announced the grand opening of Brig USA’s second founding dealership, Sirocco Marine Annapolis.

The dealership offers the full line of Brig Boats, as well as Sealegs Amphibious Boats, Fluid Watercraft and Honda Marine.

Sirocco Marine Annapolis will offer Brig Boats models from 10 to 36 feet in length, ranging from tenders and recreational watercraft to commercial and government vessels.

At Sirocco Marine’s helm is owner Vince Palmeri, a New England native who has extensive experience with both military/professional and recreational RIBs.

“My recreational boating experience was all in hard-sided boats, but in my professional life, I became a RIB enthusiast,” Palmeri said. “There’s no safer, more stable, more enjoyable platform for boating. They can be utilitarian, and they’re great tenders, but they’re also family-friendly and extremely versatile for a variety of water-based sports and activities.

“In my opinion, RIBs are under-appreciated as a primary boat in this country,” he continued. “You don’t have to worry about bumping into anything, because your boat is essentially a fender. The stability provided by the main buoyancy tube allows you to do things you can’t with a hard-sided boat. And, you have a ride-softening shock absorber with the main tube; it’s designed to engage the top surface of the wave and carry you over the top.”

Palmeri said Brig Boats’ entry into the U.S. market is a welcome development, as the Kharkov, Ukraine-based company has listened carefully to worldwide customer feedback and incorporated innovative design elements and amenities into its model lineup.

According to the company, Brig Boats is Europe’s largest manufacturer of recreational RIBs, and it’s the world’s largest manufacturer of RIBs longer than 10 feet. Founded by aeronautical engineer Slava Rodionov nearly 25 years ago, Brig Boats are now sold in more than 60 countries through an exclusive distributor network.

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