Marine Ad Network partners with Show Management

Marine Ad Network has announced a new partnership with Show Management to provide hyperlocal
digital marketing campaigns for exhibitors during the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Hyperlocal marketing allows exhibitors the chance to connect boat show attendees with content that is tailored specifically to the advertiser.

Hyperlocal marketing uses a smartphone’s GPS data to create a zone or “geofence” and target all users that pass through it. This zone can be as small as a few feet in radius or as large as the entire Palm Beach International Boat Show.

“Our goal is to eliminate wasted impressions,” said Melanie Kyle, director of operations for Marine Ad Network. “It’s about serving ads at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience.”

The Marine Ad Network will offer three different packages starting at $2,500. Packages will include digital advertising on a variety of platforms including mobile apps, social media and mobile websites.

For more information,  contact Melanie Kyle at 877-775-2538, ext 700, or visit

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