Bellingham Marine to build Miami boat show docks

Bellingham Marine was awarded a contract by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, to provide more than 116,000 square feet of timber docks for the 2016 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show at its new venue, Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin, scheduled from February 11-15, 2016.

NMMA awarded the multi-million dollar contract to Bellingham Marine after interviewing a handful of leading dock suppliers.

“Bellingham Marine provided the most flexibility, best innovation in the design of the dock system, and supported our desire to ensure environmentally safe structures at the boat show’s new location,” said Larry Berryman, assistant show manager and director of sales for the show. “Our new Bellingham docks add to the extraordinary experience the 2016 Miami International Boat Show will deliver to attendees and exhibitors at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin.”

The Miami Boat Show docks have been custom designed to facilitate easy install, removal and storage, and to support the needs of the boat show. Lifting eyes, universal connection pins, flip covers on utility trenches, four way float connections, and moveable pile guides for maximum flexibility in anchorage placement are just a few of the one-of-a-kind features incorporated in the new docks.

The docks are also constructed from environmentally friendly materials and designed for use in sensitive marine environments. The docks’ Army Corps-approved, fully encapsulated flotation and EPA-approved treatment of timber ensure that no unsafe materials or chemicals enter the water.

The entire dock system is comprised of four major components that can be connected in a variety of configurations to create unique layouts year-to-year, including gathering areas for crowds and food vendors and moorage space for more than 600 boats.

The docks will be delivered to the NMMA in December and will be installed just prior to the opening of the boat show.

“Working with clients to provide a customized solution that provides them with the greatest value is what we do best; we’re thrilled to work with the NMMA and the Miami Boat Show team on this significant move of the boat show to Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin,” said Everett Babbitt, Bellingham Marine’s president.

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