Malibu introduces Surf Band remote wave control

Malibu Boats has introduced a new, patented feature for its Integrated Surf Platform – the Surf Band.

With the wrist-mounted Surf Band, the user can control all aspects of the wave with the Surf Gate and Power Wedge II hydrofoil, the company says: “Get inside the curl or hang back 20-plus feet. It’s your wave; fine-tune it any way you want. And if you’re wakeboarding, the Surf Band lets you take charge as well, controlling the Power Wedge II and your speed as you ride.”

“For years, Malibu has led the towboat category globally, developing unprecedented innovations that change the industry for the better and get more and more people passionate about watersports,” said Malibu CEO Jack Springer. “Several years ago, when we were first developing Surf Gate, we also developed and integrated the Surf Band technology to add another dimension to our total-package Integrated Surf Platform, giving what is truly the ultimate wakesurf experience to our customers, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a kid just learning how to surf.”

Malibu Pro Team rider and surf specialist Brian Grubb said, “Malibu builds everything with their eyes on the future. I never dreamed I’d be able to control the Power Wedge II to shape the wave and do transfers on my command from the wave. It puts all the control right at the rider’s fingertips. I can do everything. It’s truly awesome. One of the best parts about being on the Malibu Pro Team is knowing that every year Malibu is getting better, continuously innovating. That lets me continue to push wakeskating and boat surfing, and we evolve together. Malibu is leading every aspect of the industry as we look to tomorrow and the progression of watersports. The new Surf Band is just further proof that Malibu has the finest team of engineers out there.”

The Surf Band will make its debut at dealerships in August and in professional watersports competition at Malibu’s final 2015 Evolution Pro event, October 2-3 in Houston.

The Surf Band is available on all 2016 models as part of Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform (ISP).

See a video of the Surf Band in action at

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