BoatDay launches new sharing app in Miami

BoatDay, a Miami-based boating app that makes the boating experience accessible to everyone, launches just in time for boating enthusiasts to enjoy Miami’s hot and sunny summer. The BoatDay app creates a convenient way to easily connect boat and water enthusiasts eager for a day out on the water with boat owners who are willing to welcome Guests on-board for a BoatDay. Guests can enjoy the full boating experience by joining registered hosts for everything from fishing, entertaining, cruising and more, all at economical per-person prices.

“We created BoatDay to provide all those interested in boating experiences with a more convenient, reliable, and affordable way to enjoy a day on the water,” said BoatDay Co-Founder Kimon Korres.

The concept is simple: users download the app and can browse and choose from a variety of boating activities to partake in, or refine their search to find the perfect BoatDay for their schedule and needs.  Filters will match users with BoatDays meeting their criteria, including the Hosts who are willing take them out on the water.  Unlike standard boat rental services and websites, BoatDay is unique in that it delivers to the user the entire boating experience without responsibility of driving a rented boat, finding a captain or paying excessive rental amounts. All BoatDays are priced per-person, which ensures that users’ boating costs are always reasonable.

All BoatDay Hosts are fully screened, including criminal background checks on national and county databases, as well as DMV records and sex-offender registries.

While BoatDay also requires that all Hosts possess their own private boat insurance, each Host is will benefit from half a million dollars in excess liability coverage for each BoatDay.

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