Coatings manufacturer Daubert Chemical reengineers website

CHICAGO, Ill., — Daubert Chemical, an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty coatings and adhesives, announced the launch of its new revamped website today. The new site is designed to provide increased functionality and a greatly enhanced user experience for Daubert’s broad customer base and those who simply want to learn more about the chemical company’s divergent product offering.

Using virtually any web-enabled device including mobile phones and tablets, the new site provides access to technical resources such as product training videos and step-by-step interactive educational modules that give users detailed instructions on best practices. The optimized navigation strategy helps get visitors effortlessly connected to the content they’re after and allows them to drill down as deep as they wish.

The highly intuitive site design allows users to self-select from six major product categories, including: Adhesives, Corrosion Prevention, Industrial Greases, Vibration/Sound Dampening, Specialty Products and Custom Solutions. New e-commerce functionality enables users to make product purchases with zero hassle, and new search capabilities make finding products easier than ever.

“Our objective was to augment the user’s personal experience with clear, comprehensive product data that was easy to locate and to comprehend,” Matthew McGinnis, director of commercial development for Daubert Chemical, said. “Since going live this month, we’ve also had the opportunity to support the urgent needs of automotive dealers nationwide, responding to a major automotive manufacturer’s recall requirements naming one of our products as part of the solution.”

The new site gives users easy access to digital versions of all current product documentation. Within a few clicks, visitors can find and view product descriptions with key features, new GHS-compliant safety data sheets (SDS) and product information (PI) sheets filled with technical details. The site also provides a “Success Stories” feature that explains how Daubert products meet customer needs in the real world.

“We polled our stakeholder base and used the qualitative data we collected as a foundation on which to build the type of site that would bring the most value back to them,” McGinnis said. “Delivering clear, concise relevant content that is easy to find and connect with is the name of the game and we’ve done exactly that with our new Web presence.”

During the 80 years it has been in business, Daubert has developed a wide variety of unique products that span a broad range of applications in industries such as: automotive, recreational vehicle, mass transit, work truck, heavy-duty trucking, off-road vehicle, intermodal transportation, mining, metal fabrication, wood fabrication, appliance manufacturing, turf care, work boat, pleasure boat, aerospace and defense.

“We’ve essentially designed an application-driven website that lets users from a wide range of interests search for what they’re looking for in a logical fashion,” McGinnis said. “We’ve also created a quick contact form that invites visitors to ask questions that are not limited to just the chemicals Daubert has engineered.”

“Our staff knows heavy equipment, lamination lines, food processing plant environments, automobile assembly, etc., and chances are, if someone has a problem to solve, we’ve dealt with it before. We want users to tell us about their unique issues, because we don’t want to just sell them a product, we want to help them find the best solution possible,” McGinnis added.

Details, specifications and product information for Daubert’s entire range of products and their applications is available at

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