BoatUS rebrands Vessel Assist to TowBoatUS on West Coast

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – In a move that aligns its on-water towing services under one national brand, BoatUS is renaming its West Coast-based Vessel Assist towing fleet to TowBoatUS.

The national boating advocacy, services and safety organization purchased Vessel Assist in 2003 and has since operated both recreational boat towing fleets under the membership-based BoatUS Towing Service program. The transition to TowBoatUS is expected to be completed by early 2016.

“Other than a new name on the side of the towboat, BoatUS members and boaters needing assistance 24 hours a day will continue to get the same great, helpful and professional service from our local captains,” said BoatUS President Margaret Podlich. “There are no pricing changes for any of our annual on-water towing plans.”

Prior to this rebranding, BoatUS offered the recreational boat towing service east of the Rockies under the TowBoatUS banner. The move to rename the red boats of Vessel Assist – located in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and British Columbia, Canada – to the red boats of TowBoatUS emphasizes the towing service’s standing as a provider of on-water assistance with over 300 locations and 600 towing response vessels. Services include boat towing, jumpstarts, soft ungroundings and fuel drop-offs.

“Since our purchase of the Vessel Assist fleet, BoatUS members have seamlessly been able to use either towing fleet for any boat they own, rent or charter anywhere in the U.S.,” said BoatUS Vice President of Towing Services Adam Wheeler. “We will continue to offer Unlimited Freshwater Annual Towing Service Plans for $72 and Unlimited Saltwater Annual Towing Service Plans for $158 – both include BoatUS membership.”

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