MICD certification goes virtual

MINNEAPOLIS, March 31, 2015 — With the goal of streamlining the Certification process for North American marine retailers, the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program recently launched a virtual Certification platform housed on MRAATraining.com that dealers can use to complete the entire program.

Inside the system, MRAATraining.com/Certifications, dealers will find all the tools they need to get Certified. They can download program forms and templates directly in the system and receive step-by-step instructions on how to meet Certification standards. MRAA staff walks dealers through each standard in every program step, helping familiarize dealers with what they need to do in order to complete program requirements. The system also allows dealers to save their progress as they work through the various program standards one by one, adding a key convenience that permits dealers to complete the program at the pace that’s best for their respective businesses.

The online platform features detailed instructions regarding when to upload documentation and includes a video tutorial for every standard contained within each step of the MICD Program: Step 1, Step 2, Five Star, Five Star Fast Track, and Five Star Recertification. That’s dozens of videos designed to simplify the process for dealers, as if an MRAA representative is right beside them every step of the way, guiding them through to program completion.

“Dealers have expressed in the past that one of the most common barriers to entry into the MICD Program was the complexity of the actual Certification process: Documenting processes and business practices, managing the paperwork, things of that sort,” explains MICD Program director Sonja Moseley. “Housing the program online streamlines the process for dealers, removing a perceived ‘hassle-factor’ and allowing them to complete the various steps at their own pace, in the comfort of their own dealership, when it is convenient for them.”

Dealers can begin the Certification process in MRAATraining.com by enrolling in the Five Star Fast Track at an investment of just $2,499. This is the most efficient and cost-effective means of achieving Certification, saving $380 over completing the program one step at a time. The Fast Track consists of 15 standards dealers must meet in order to become Marine Industry Certified.

Dealers that wish to work through the program at a less accelerated pace and ease into the process can start with Step 1, which focuses on outstanding customer service, for an entry point of less than $600. They can then graduate to Step 2, focusing on operational excellence, for $949. Finally, with a focus on superior performance, the third and final step, Five Star Certification, costs dealers $1,349, keeping the total fee for program participation under $3,000. Each of the three steps includes 10 standards that dealers must meet in order to fulfill Certification requirements.

Members of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas receive additional discounts for the Five Star Fast Track and each individual step of the MICD Program (a $100 savings off the Fast Track and $50 savings per step).

“It’s never been easier to begin your path to Certification,” says Moseley. “Dealers whom we’ve already spoken with regarding the virtual system have commented on how much more smoothly the process runs, and how much easier and less cumbersome it is to get through each of the standards and see Certification through to completion. The online platform is a true game-changer for the MICD Program.”

For more information about the MICD Program or to enroll, contact Sonja Moseley at 763-333-2424 or sonja@mraa.com.

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