Chaparral’s Ann Baldree, Regulator’s Joan Maxwell among STEP Ahead Award winners

Two marine industry leaders are among those being honored by the Manufacturing Institute for excellence in manufacturing.

Ann Baldree of Chaparral and Robalo and Joan Maxwell of Regulator are two of the 130 women who will be recognized March 26 with the Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science,  Technology, Engineering  and  Production) Ahead Award.

“These  130  women  are  the  faces  of  exciting  careers  in  manufacturing,”  said  Jennifer  McNelly,  president,  The Manufacturing  Institute.  “We  chose  to  honor  these  women  because  they  each  made  significant achievements  in manufacturing  through  positive  impact  on  their  company  and  the  industry  as  a  whole.”

The  STEP  Awards  are  part  of  the  larger  STEP  Ahead  initiative,  launched  to  examine  and  promote  the  role  of women  in  the  manufacturing  industry  through  recognition,  research,  and  leadership  for  attracting,  advancing,  and  retaining  strong  female  talent.

Click here to see the full list of award winners.


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  1. I am a 40 year industry professional and the STEP AWARD got it right!
    Congratulations to well deserving ladies of our industry.

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