Distinct debuts 23 inch touchscreen at Miami boat show

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Distinct, a South-Florida based marketing company, recently debuted its latest digital price sign solutions at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show with its 23-inch, all-in-one touchscreen digital display. The new “bigger and sleeker” displays drew considerable attention to boating manufacturers’ and dealers’ digital signage and media content with a larger viewing area and completely redesigned audio setup.

In total, Distinct featured more than 50 displays at the Miami Boat Show, 11 of which were the company’s new 23” touchscreen models—making its products the most used digital signage solution at the event, which draws more than 90,000 attendees annually.

These new interactive, easy-to-use digital displays were designed from the ground up with the boating industry in mind. Features include an integrated quad-core processor, Wifi and USB connectivity, and an interface that is completely customizable to manufacturer or dealer specifications. The displays are available in powder coated, painted, or wrapped finishes, and measure 43” x 7” x 23”—making them exceptionally easy to transport.

Other additions to the digital display include a slimmer form factor thanks to an improved quad-core processing unit, improved horizontal viewing angel, and plenty of software improvements including a new financing calculator.

“We believe that where content is king is right in front of the customer, right at the point of sale,” said Distinct’s founder, Jani Gyllenberg. “Our new digital displays are interactive and easy to use, helping boating manufacturers and dealers to capture the eyes and ears of customers—and a greater percentage of sales.”

Distinct has also proudly announced several new partnerships in 2015 including Sailfish Boats (Seminole Marine) and NauticStar Boats. Both manufacturers took delivery of their new 23” digital display models for the Miami show.

In addition, Distinct has also partnered up with Direct Capital, Apple Computer’s Commercial Financing lender, to offer great financing options. They are kicking off the partnership with a 0% or $0 down promotion valid through March 31st, making the new 23” display extremely affordable and starting at just $95 a month.

For more information on these new displays or available financing, visit: www.marketdistinctly.com.

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