Black Boaters Summit announces Universal Teen Sailing Camp

CHICAGO – Black Boaters Summit announces expansion plans to include a teens’ sailing camp, the Universal Teen Sailing Camp, on July 29 through August 9, 2015.

“With backing from one of my strongest supporters, The Moorings Yacht Charter Company, we plan to add three boats for teens to learn about sailing,” said Captain Paul Mixon.

“We want to attract black teens and their families from all over the country and from within an organization of 40,000 African-American families who fit our profile for future customers,” explained Mixon. “This is all about showing more African-Americans that we do sail and attracting new people to this fun sport.”

The summer camp will take place in the British Virgin Islands. The camp’s emphasis is on boating safety and introducing young people (16 to 18 years of age) to the sport. If parents want to join in the Black Boaters Summit they are welcome to do so while their teens learn on boats guided by experienced sailing instructors.

“Now with 18 years in the business and a dozen Black Boater Summit spinoffs producing annual flotillas of African-American adults, I think the time is right for us to focus on younger people … the industry’s future,” said Mixon. “It’s time for me to seek new adventures and new challenges. Our new Universal Teen Sailing Camp, targeting African-American teens, is that new adventure.”


  1. Black Boaters Summit ? To me this is racist and coming from a Black Organization kind of makes me wonder of this “BBS” isn’t really going a little too far. We supposedly live in a country that’s trying to put as much distance
    between the Old Ways of Racism as possible and here we have a “Black
    Organization” using the color of one’s skin to say that were not getting a fair shake when it comes to boating. I wonder how they would feel if the white boaters started an group with the name “Caucasian Boaters Group” which
    would infer that Only Whites can afford to own and enjoy boats. The NAACP
    and Al Sharpton as well as a host of other “Black Organizations” would hit the roof. Why not just say “A Boats a Terrible Thing To Waste” I mean C’mon
    Black America !

    • Everyone is welcome to participate in all of our Black Boat Summit programs and events regardless of race, and they have and will continue to be welcome. Black Boaters Summit is proud to reach out to the African American community and beyond to introduce and expand the experience of novice and expert “yachtsmen” to the exciting world of yachting.

  2. Response to Bruce – Regarding Black Boaters Summit Universal Teen Sailing Camp
    February 8, 2015


    First, thanks for being interested enough in the article about the Black Boaters Summit’s Universal Teen Sailing Camp to take the time to respond. I would like to take a moment to hopefully add some insight and clarity to your statements. First, your statement of “We supposedly live in a country that’s trying to put as much distance between the Old Ways of Racism as possible and here we have a ‘Black Organization’ using the color of one’s skin to say that were (sic) not getting a fair shake when it comes to boating.” I too wish that we as a society had reached the point where race and prejudice no longer existed, but in some segments of our society it still does…maybe purposefully, maybe through ignorance or just by mistake. However, in order to truly overcome the old days of racism in our country, we must address issues that have been overlooked or just plain ignored…and the recreational boating industry is a prime area that has not been very inclusive to all ethnicities and cultures in our country.

    Images are worth a thousand words:
    You also wondered how Black Boaters would feel if White Boaters would start a group that would infer that only Whites could afford to own and enjoy boats. Actually that is exactly what the boat manufacturers and industry has done for years through their advertising campaigns. As an advertising professional specializing in multicultural marketing and promotions, research clearly shows that unlike other major industries, the boating industry has not been pro-active in marketing its products, career opportunities and recreational lifestyle to Black Americans.

    Here’s a simple test:
    How many boat dealerships are owned by Black Americans? Have you ever seen a Black family in a boating ad? Have you ever seen a Black Sales Associate or Manager working at a boat dealership? How about in the corporate division…any Presidents, VP’s, Executives, Corporate Board Members? Do you know of any Black organizations i.e. boating clubs, non profits, advertising agencies etc. that are invited to the lavish sales parties and retreats that boat manufacturers and suppliers sponsor each year to attract new customers and retain current clients? Have you ever spoken to a Black boat owner to see how they are perceived when they enter a boat dealerships’ showroom to purchase a nice boat?

    Well, I have done the above research and believe me, the results clearly show that while we like to think we have moved beyond the prejudiced society of yesteryear…the vast majority of manufacturers, dealerships and suppliers in the boating industry still have not recognized and/or taken advantage of the economic and social benefits of being much more inclusive in the hiring and marketing of their products and services to all segments of our great society.

    In order to bring about a change of attitude and the perception in the boating industry that Black People “don’t boat, can’t afford boats and not worth spending advertising dollars on”; it is imperative that Black boating organizations like the BBS take the initiative to introduce and promote the boating lifestyle to the Black community…since the boating industry has failed miserably in the past to do so.

    Exposure creates new customers and grows sales:

    Through the consistent and dedicated efforts of the BBS over the past 18 years, the boating industry is finally starting to awaken from its deep slumber and realize they have been missing huge opportunities to grow their sales and sustain their future by not tapping into an 803 billion dollar market…Black Americans. With the launch of the Black Boaters Summit Universal Teen Sailing Camp, Captain Paul Mixon and his wife Marvelle will introduce the joys of boating to a new generation of future boaters who may one day purchase a boat or a dealership…or become a corporate executive at one of the manufacturers… or follow the legacy of Captain Paul Mixon by introducing their love of the boating lifestyle to others. It is my sincere hope that the boating industry will fully embrace Black boating organizations; seek an advertising agency that can develop effective marketing strategies and advertising that reaches a broader market…and in doing so, change the image of a non-inclusive industry to that of an industry that is forward thinking and embraces all of the cultural markets of the USA…and in the process eradicate another area of racism and prejudice in our great society.

    JP Beaty
    Senior Producer
    Kelsher Communications, Inc.

  3. Thank you Mr. Beaty. Charter companies, for example, make it very clear that clients interested in chartering a crewed yacht can have access to “non-local” captains and crews. I was actually told this by a large well known Boating Vacation industry leader. So it appears Mr. Bruce is just playing politics. There is a tremendous need to expose Black youth to the engaging and healthy world of sailing. The boating industry has missed the boat. By simply pretending that only Whites sail is injurious to their business survival. By the way, there are thousands of Black people boating and sailing in the Caribbean. It is the U.S. And European communities that require encouragement.

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