MarineLab expands operations nationwide in 2015

MINNEAPOLIS — MarineLab, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ exclusively endorsed warranty service provider and MRAA Preferred Partner Member, has decided to expand its operations nationwide, and recently appointed Scott W. Donovan to head the organization. Donovan, a longtime service technician turned service and warranty advisor and manager, has been involved in all aspects of running day-to-day operations for MarineLab, as well as participating in field-related work, since 2000.

MarineLab provides dealers with an efficient, profitable and cost-effective way to process manufacturer warranty reimbursements. It helps dealers of boats, motors, trailers and marine components and accessories dramatically increase warranty revenue at the dealership. The service allows retailers to maintain a fixed cost for warranty processing rather than relying on in-house staff, which adds to the retailers’ overhead and expenses. Dealers are able to tap MarineLab’s team of experts to address any warranty-related requests or concerns, as well as submit, track and review all warranty claims. Dealers simply pay a percentage of paid claims in a given month for the MarineLab service.

“As a relatively new idea in our industry, MarineLab greatly benefits dealerships both large and small,” Donovan says. “Warranty policies and procedures are constantly changing, which makes it difficult for service department personnel to stay on top of the changing claims nuances. Finding the time to focus on the task at hand also is an issue, as dealers are busy servicing customers first and foremost.

“We manage the claims process from start to finish, including all phone calls, processing and tracking,” Donovan continues. “Sometimes, depending on the claim and the manufacturer, we can get claims processed in as little as one hour, and we don’t get paid unless the dealer gets paid. On top of that, dealers gain the expertise and longstanding personal manufacturer relationships that MarineLab brings to the table.”

MRAA members get exclusive access to MarineLab through the MRAA Rewards Program, which includes more than 30 tangible benefits that members can take advantage of for their $300 annual investment in a MRAA membership.

“MarineLab is an incredible benefit for MRAA members because for a relatively low cost, it allows dealers to hand over their warranty work to capable experts who specialize in getting the job done and have all the knowledge and connections to file and process warranty claims on time and with efficiency,” says Sonja Moseley, MRAA director of benefits. “Scott brings an incredible wealth of expertise to MarineLab, and he’s the ideal choice to lead the organization and work on behalf of MRAA member dealers to make quick work of warranty claims, putting the most money possible back into dealers’ pockets.”

While assisting in and overseeing a parts departments for many years, Donovan understands that when it comes to filing warranty claims, expediency is key.

“Consider a large warranty claim,” he explains. “Let’s use a Volvo IPS repair as an example. It’s possible that the dealer will need anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 in parts to repair a single pod, not including labor. Somewhere in between the start and finish of the work being performed, Volvo’s monthly parts statements arrive at the office like clockwork. The quicker these claims are processed and paid out, the fewer burdens the dealership has to bear.”

MarineLab representatives will be on hand at the Progressive Insurance New York Boat Show, taking place Jan. 21-25 at New York City’s Javits Center. To learn more about MarineLab, or to meet with a rep at the show, contact Donovan at 631-533-7891 or

To learn more about MRAA membership to gain access to excuusive benefits like MarineLab or to join, contact MRAA membership coordinator Hannah Muerhoff at 763-333-2420 or

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