Correct Craft acquires PCM, Crusader engine brands

Correct Craft, owner of the Nautique Boat Company, announced Monday that it acquired both the PCM Marine Engines and Crusader Engines brands from Pleasure Craft Marine Engine Co.

Correct Craft now owns 100 percent of both PCM Marine Engines and Crusader Engines. Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin said the company has no plans to change either the management or the location of the engine companies.

“As with all of our companies we want to continuously improve however there are things we never want to change such as culture,” Yeargin told Boating Industry. “PCM and Crusader are consistent with our culture and at this time there are no plans to change location or management of either company.”

PCM and Crusader are both manufactured in Little Mountain, S.C., and Nautique has been PCM’s largest customer.

“PCM and Crusader are premier brands with a great legacy, outstanding product and a remarkable management team,” Yeargin said. “They have a culture that is consistent with Correct Craft, Nautique and Aktion Parks. We believe we have tremendous potential working together as we have been for nearly four decades.”

Along with Nautique and the new engine brands, Correct Craft also owns Aktion Parks, owner of two cable parks in Orlando and Miami.

Read more from Yeargin on the announcement on his Nautique Insider blog.

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